Supriya Aron


Smt. Supriya Aron is an ex-mayor of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, and is currently a reputed member of the managing committee of the Indian Women’s Press Club, New Delhi.



Smt. Supriya Aron always had the zeal and enthusiasm to serve people and rendered her voluntary services to humankind. As Bareilly’s mayor on November 21, 2006, Smt. Aron emphasized social work


Smt. Supriya Aron has excelled throughout her political career. On November 08, 2006, she was elected as the mayor of Bareilly by defeating all opposition candidates by a large majority of more than 66,000 votes

Social Work

Eid Milad Julus

Gandhi Jayanti Yatra

ND Tiwari Shradhanjali


Election Nomination for 125 Vdhan Sabha

125 बरैली कैंट विधानसभा से सपा प्रत्याक्षी - सुप्रिया ऐरन

हम सब सपा के साथ।

श्री प्रवीण सिंह ऐरन और श्रीमती सुप्रिया ऐरन सपा में शामिल हुए।

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